The Canonisation of St. Mariam Thresia

St. Mariam Thresia, The Foundress of the Congregation of Holy Family, widely known as the Patroness for Families was declared a saint by Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Square on October 13 this year. The nun from Thrissur Chiramal Mankidiyan Family was canonized during a Mass along with John Henry Newman from England, Italian Josephine […]

St. Mariam Thresia- through the ladders of Sainthood

While alive everyone in Puthenchira and surrounding villages regarded Mariam Thresia to be a saint. The people also believed that even as she went about helping them in their need like an angel of mercy, she would help them also from heaven. Lots of people had received healing from sickness, couples received children, marriages were […]

Last days of St. Mariam Thresia

Mariam Thresia had just crossed the age of fifty. In one of her visions she had been told by Holy Mother that her life on earth would be short. On 10 May 1926, at the occasion of the blessing of Sacred Heart Convent at Thumboor, Mother Mariam Thresia attended the ceremony kneeling in the sanctuary.  […]

St. Mariam Thresia’s Mission For Sinners and Dying Souls

It was the a common saying in Puthenchira and surrounding villages that ‘there was not a single person who died without the assistance of Mariam Thresia in those days; that if Thresia would be there at the bedside of the dying that soul would not be lost in hell’ . St. Mariam Thresia made use […]

The Compassionate Heart of St. Mariam Thresia.

In the early 19th Century, like every country and state, Kerala too was weighed down by the aftermaths of the World War, as predictable the social order was affected too. How? It was slowly yielding to moods of aggressive selfishness and unconcern for the underprivileged, the weak, the lonely, the sick, the deserted, and the […]

The Institution And Growth Of The Congregation Of Holy Family.

On 13 May 1914 Rev. Dr. John Menachery, Bishop of Trichur, visited ‘Ekánthabhavan, the House of Solitude for Thresia. Mariam Thresia with her three companions had been living together now for about nine months. At the end of his canonical visit, he was convinced that ékánthabhavan was more like a convent or monastery. He had […]

Bl. Mother Names Thresia ‘Mariam Thresia’

Thresia’s dear parents named her after the great mystic saint of Avila, the Foundress of the Reform Carmel, at her baptism. She also received a second name as heaven’s reward, ‘Mariam’ at the age of twenty seven given by Virgin Mother of God. At end of the three years of severe trail by hell, the […]

Diabolical trials in the life of St. Mariam Thresia

Long before the people understood that there was something extraordinary in Thresia, the evil spirits had sensed the fragrance of her virtues and begun their efforts to destroy it completely. Ven. Fr. Joseph Vithayathil in his Diary’ has recorded that devils with permission from God tested St. Mariam Thresia in great numbers from 1902-1905. Like […]

St. Mariam Thresia’s Mission for the Souls in Purgatory

In a mystical experience Bl. Virgin took Mariam Thresia and stood her at the edge of hell, showing the agony of the souls in a vision. Bl. Mother then said “will you not pray for this souls?” St. Mariam Thresia records her horror in seeing the souls in their miserable agony, she cried out that […]

St. Mariam Thresia’s Devotion to Holy Eucharistic

St. Mariam Thresia was a very passionate lover of the Holy Eucharist from her childhood. “There is no such an age to love God”, was the response of Thresia when her pious mother wanted to excuse her from going to church daily at the age of five. Her Mother intended to shield her from the […]