St. Mariam Thresia -The First Stigmatic of Kerala

Jesus appeared to St. Mariam Thresia often times carrying the heavy cross and bruised all over His body. Unable to see this sight she repeatedly begged Him to allow her a full share of the cross; Jesus asked her “will you bear the cross without complaint? Then bear it and sooth my pain”. Jesus placed […]

St. Mariam Thresia and Foundation of The Congregation of Holy Family.

St. Mariam Thresia, the humble handmaid of Puthenchira, Kerala, was the chosen one of God, with a unique apostolate; the Christianization of Families. She carried out the heaven entrusted mission to rebuild the broken families by advocating fraternal charity and communion in the families. She did it with a prophetic vision for families after the […]

The Solitary life of St. Mariam Thresia and her Companions in ‘Ekanthabhavan’

It was the repeated request of the people of Puthenchira, caused the Bishop to send Mariam Thresia back from CMC Ollur to her village after a period of three months . The Bishop finally granted permission to build an ékánthabhavan, a hermitage as requested. Mariam Thresia had requested for a solitude house since she had […]

Discerning intervals in the life of St. Mariam Thresia

From 1902 till the foundation of the Congregation of the Holy Family in 1914, Mariam Thresia had a crucial period with strange experiences. She had to fight with the devils the incessant tests and trails towards sharpening her spirit and virtues.  She had been through lots of mystical experience and shared the agony of passion […]

St. Mariam Thresia- Encounter with her Spiritual Father

Like her Patron saint St. Theresa of Avila, St. Mariam Thresia sought for a spiritual guide. In 1902 while Fr. Joseph Vithayathil came to Puthenchira to hear confessions during an annual retreat at Puthenchira. Thresia who had been intensely praying for a spiritual guide, was inspired to decide on Him.  Thresia was 27 when she […]

St. Mariam Thresia –A Graduate in Prodigious Virtues:

When Thresia became twelve her mother Thanda was eager to marry her daughter off. She desperately tried to deck her with jewelries, since the marriage proposals had started to knock at her door. Thresia had already made a commitment of lifelong virginity when she was nine. Why did she do so in an early age? […]

St. Mariam Thresia -Shaping Her Apostolate after the Model Of Holy Family

The presence of the Holy Family of Nazarath was real and intimate to her as though she was the fourth member in it. All through her spiritual life as well as missionary life, the Holy Family remained the inter-mediators to fulfill the heavenly tasks in perfect harmony through visions and auditions.  Already from an early […]

St. Mariam Thresia’s Emerging Charism of Compassionate Love

In the late 18 and early 19 century Kerala, Mariam Thresia, fulfilled her charism as an apostle of the oppressed, of the underprivileged, and the destitute with a prophetic vision. She carried out this unique charism of ‘Compassionate Love’ for families from her teenage. It was a real challenge to her. The late eighteen and […]

St. Mariam Thresia – Her Conformity to the will of God

During the thirty eight years at home, Mariam Thresia relentlessly sought to discern her vocation. She who wanted to adapt God’s will in everything prayed constantly saying;“Lord may your will and mine be one and the same”. When she turned a teen she wanted to retire to the forest for a life of austerity. She […]