Mile Stones

April 26, 1876

Birth day of Mother Mariam Thresia

March 2, 1888

Death of her mother Thanda

April 30, 1902

Meets her spiritual director Rev.Fr.Joseph Vithayathil

December 8, 1904

Adoption of the name ‘Mariam Thresia’

October 7, 1913

Started living in the ‘Ekanthabhavan’

May 14, 1914

Canonical erection of Congregation of Holy Family. Appointment of Mariam Thresia as the mother Superior of the congregation. Appointment of Rev.Fr.Joseph Vithayathil as the Chaplain of the Congregation

June 8, 1926 8.00 p.m

Death of Mother Mariam Thersia

June 8, 1964

Death of Rev.Fr. Joseph Vithayathil

November 25, 1972

Mar Joseph Kundukulam, Bishop of Thrissur appoints Mgr:Sebastian Chirayath as the ‘Actor’ of the ‘Cause’

February 8, 1973

His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Parecattil submitted the minutes of the Bishop’s Conference for the Introduction of the Cause of Mother Mariam Thresia to the Holy See

June 6, 1975

Institution of historical commission

August 1, 1978

The Congregation of Holy Family raised to the status of Pontifical Institute

June 3, 1981

Exhumation of the tomb


‘Positio’ submitted to the ‘Holy See’

June 28, 1999

The Holy father declares Mother Mariam Thresia-Venerable

April 9, 2000