St. Mariam Thresia was a very passionate lover of the Holy Eucharist from her childhood. “There is no such an age to love God”, was the response of Thresia when her pious mother wanted to excuse her from going to church daily at the age of five. Her Mother intended to shield her from the scornful words of other kids of her age who mocked her as “old hag or granny” for going to church daily. The children as well as the elderly could not follow the prayers of the Holy Mass since it was celebrated in Syrian languages not Malayalam. But little one never wanted to be excused. she waited round the clock awaiting to participate in the Holy Eucharistic celebration daily.

Not just this, at the age of six she requested the parish priest to allow her to make the sacrament of Confession, reasoning that she already know what sin is. She said “one cannot love God with the least of sin in the heart”. the parish priest tested her and allowed her to confession at the age of six.

Then next, Thresia insisted on receiving Holy Communion at the age of nine,while the customary age for children was twelve. Owing to the irresistible request and confirming sincere thirst of the Thresia she was allowed to receive Holy Communion at the age of nine.

St. Mariam Thresia writes that she meditated while she walked to the church that she was going to attend the great sacrifice at Calvary. Often Jesus set the Eucharistic table in her room, celebrated the Mass for her and gave Communion while she was unwell to go to church. Numerous times,it was the Angels also brought her the Holy Communion in her sick bed.

Bl. Mariam Thresia had numerous visions and remained long in ecstasies especially after Holy Communion. This happened at times at various intensity or grade with or without complete loss of the senses. Sometimes her hands become chill and paralyzed, she becomes motionless, the body turned cold, the breath stopped, and the person looked as good as dead. The curious crowd who wanted to check and watch the special spectacles often occurred in Mariam Thresia, saddened her. So she pleaded with Bl. Mother to spare her from such experiences in public. This prayer was granted: they were to happen no more during the day but only after sunset. On several occasions she had to survive only with the reception of Communion for days long as her sufferings were at its peak.

Her History narrates that she considered herself as a wretched sinner and so unworthy to see these heavenly visions. She repeatedly requested Jesus that she only need see them after her death. The Lord replied “it is God’s will that you should have sometimes, some consolations and sometime some vexations. Hence it is that you have been given these visions”. Every part of the Eucharist came alive to her as she attended the Eucharist. Jesus stood before her bruised and torn in pieces, bleeding and in tears whenever people received communion in sin. Thresia made reparations for the sins of those people to comfort the suffering Lord. She also received Spiritual communion many times a day as she could.

St.Mariam Thresia always said her sisters “since we are unworthy sinners, we should offer our heart to Mary and Joseph and receive their hearts in exchange before we go for the Holy Communion” this was the shortcut she advised to receive Jesus in purity and holiness of heart. 

St. Mariam Thresia was sometimes seen with a glow of light on her face after Holy Communion. Sr. Yohanna Chf, who helped Mariam Thresia with the official correspondences has testified in writing that she used to be tempted to turn round during the Mass, to look at the radiance on Mariam Thresia’s face. That after receiving Holy Communion, she was ecstatic, and her face was radiant”.

A former novice recalls: “She enjoyed a very special communion with God and it was expressed in her face during her Holy Communion and thanksgiving. She used to spend long hours in the church immersed in prayer.” Such is the sweetness that a mystic like St. Mariam Thresia would never altar either in her childhood or ever after.

She experienced an intimate spiritual communion with Jesus from her childhood. Her daily reception of Holy Communion had to do with not just herself, but many souls living and departed.

Sr. Udaya Kallukaran Chf